Server Side Coding/Data Storage for Unity Games

I’ve done a few courses on udemy and I’ve yet to find one that will provide me with an overview of how to make a backend server to save game/player/user data to.

If we use Glitch Garden as an example, lets say I expanded on the demo, I have 50 levels (I don’t, but hypothetical to explain what I am after) and I wanted to release it on say Steam, iOS and Android, but I want a player to be able to switch between either platform without losing their progression, I can’t use PlayerPrefs for this it needs to be a central location, do I simply create a REST API then call it from C# like any business app? or is there a better way to do it, I would love a lecture or 2 on sever side data storage best practices in Unity.

Alternatively, If this already exists, please point me in the direction of the course it’s in, i’ll be very greatful!


This would be very helpful, especially since it seems almost ALL games have a server-connected side these days. We need help learning how to build databases for storage of content controls, e-commerce, and user profiles (as well as Google Play saving, Facebook, and Apple). That would give us all the means to have successful game-creation businesses that utilize the current standards.

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