'Server only' is producing different behaviour to 'Host(Server+Client)'

Really enjoying the course so far :slight_smile:

When I run two built instances of the game in this configuiration everything works as expected and the units target and shoot each other:
Instance 1 = Host(Server + Client)
Instance 2 = Client

But… when when I run three instances of the built game in this configuration, none of the units will target each other:
Instance 1 = Server only
Instnace 2 = Client
Instance 3 = Client

Swapping Instance 1 for the unity editor doesn’t change the behaviour in either scenario.

Is there a nuance to using Mirror that I’ve missed that means you have to run as host&client for it to work as expected?

Movement works fine across all clients, it’s just the targeting that seems to stop working.

I think in the scope of this course, we design the game to be hosted by one of the players. It’s possible that having a server only causes a bug. I can’t think off the top of my head what might cause that. Most likely this isn’t an issue with Mirror, but just the structure of the game we have built for the course.

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