Segmentaion error scarfy

#include “raylib.h”

int main()


//window dimensions

const int winWidth{512};

const int winHeight{380};

int velocity{0};

//acceleration due to gravity (pixels/frame/frame)

const int gravity{1};

Texture2D scarfy = LoadTexture("textures/scarfy.png");

Rectangle scarfyRec;

scarfyRec.width = scarfy.width/6;

scarfyRec.height = scarfy.height;

scarfyRec.x = 0;

scarfyRec.y = 0;

Vector2 scarfyPos;

scarfyPos.x = winWidth/2 - scarfyRec.width/2;

scarfyPos.y = winHeight - scarfyRec.height;

//jump velocity

const int jumpVel{-22};

bool isinAir{};

//initialize window

InitWindow(winWidth, winHeight, "Dapper Dasher!");


while (!WindowShouldClose())


    //start drawing



    //ground check

    if (scarfyPos.y >= winHeight -scarfy.height)


        //rectangle on ground

        velocity = 0;

        isinAir = false;




        //rectangle in air

        velocity += gravity;

        isinAir = true;


    //check for jumping

    if (IsKeyPressed(KEY_SPACE) && !isinAir)


        velocity += jumpVel;


    // update position

    scarfyPos.y += velocity;


    //start texture

    DrawTextureRec(scarfy, scarfyRec, scarfyPos, WHITE);

    //stop drawing






i figured it out, i put all his info before initailizing the window

Yup, specifically you cannot call LoadTexture before InitWindow, as that function enables access to video memory in your GPU (among other tasks).

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