Section Showcase

As all you wonderful work begins to roll in, it’s time to start a showcase of the great stuff. Here in no particular order is some of the best work I’ve seen for this section so far:

Platforms moving in a circuit

-Luke Nukem


I added a door that needed one person to stand on the pad while other walks to threw the door and stands on pad on the other side. My Frame rate is all over the place… i need a more powerful GPU.


it looks amazing! i´d like to give tips and tricks but i know nothing about Unreal :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
a question: would you consider Unreal E friendly like Unity? is Code Knowledge mandatory?

Code really is mandatory. There’s blueprint in Unreal and that serves as a way to create things without using C++, to a point. It is possibly to create amazing things too with just blueprint but occasionally you may need to write some C++.

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So in my case Unity would be a better choice due do the fact that i lack C++ knowledge… i guess :sweat_smile:

With Unity, you’re also going to have to write C# Code - C++ isn’t a million miles away and Blueprint gives Unreal an edge over Unity.

Unity to me is a toy, or even a teaching tool for children or creating mobile games.

You can do amazing things with Unity but getting it to look good is tough. With Unreal making it amazing is easier and it usually looks great out of the box.

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