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In this thread I will post as I add or change content in the section.

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New lecture uploading now: Setting Up Projectiles


Now uploading the next lecture “Upgrading to Unreal 4.12”

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You mention it in the video but I just like to emphasis to everyone again:
Only use ‘convert-in-place’, if you have your project under version control (e.g. GIT)!

At least maybe zip up the folder once for a quick backup before upgrading.

You don’t want to loose or break your project. This should be no problem with
the simple projects we are dealing with right now but better safe than sorry? :slight_smile:

BTW: flying tanks? I can relate… (only appeared inEditor with the menu as game start)

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At the end you tested the wrong thing. The problem happened when you began play from from the start level, not from the game level.

Thanks @DanM, we need it working from both Start and the level. I’ve been struggling to solve this glitch reliably, and will resume tomorrow.

Two new videos today ain’t bad, really wanted it to be 3.

Update for you, we’ve found the JitterBug, and are just getting to the root cause. Back to recording really soon.

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Editing “Working Round Awkward Bugs” now…

Another video going live soon: "Using SpawnActor<>()"

Projectile movement component video uploading now, follow @GameDevTV on Twitter to hear it drop.

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I’m pretty certain it’s to do with the fact that you have the barrel inside the turret. Have you tried moving it out?

Thanks @DanM, actually same problem with barrel not touching. I do talk through it in 139.

I’ve watched it and noticed it went when you took away collision on the barrel, tested on my end and it’s the same, though also needed to remove it from the tracks.

Also I’m not sure what the collision in the static mesh LOD is doing since if you remove all simplified collision and enable those you just fall through the world.

Edit: L140 there’s a cough at 7:17 if you wanted to remove it.

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Thanks, will do tomorrow. Working the weekend to hit production targets

@DanM eeew, that cough had a nasty little nasal sound on it afterwards too - thanks for spotting. Uploading fixed video now!

4 hours of preparation so far today and no videos to show I’m afraid. I won’t stop until I can simply convey this complex and undocumented issue of component collision in C++.

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Got it, is a deprecated method since Unreal 4.12. Ok, we’re rolling again

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My word, the same video re-recorded 4 times due to a chain of errors. It won’t beat me, it just means I work later until it’s done.

OK, two new videos and 10 new quiz questions will be with you in the next 20 minutes

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