Section 1 p12 extra. Some poly invasion

Сontinuing to work on the game environment

It turns out there is a cool technique, and even tutorial for a blender3

and I tried it myself while it is not clear, but the difference is obvious

upd matcap make sence (shows how light works)



Hut atlas UV 2k

Env project: Grass has been growing


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SP: Color ID map

Just watched all your models you shared here… OMG the improvements in those 1.5 year are unbelievable! Right now you’re one of the biggest motivators for me, the course is great, but seeing the improvements you can gain fires my enthusiasm even further!

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Im glad you liked it)
I already knew many answers, but I still did what I did, at the beginning, the goal was simply to learn the 3D package for fun…but if you set a more specific goals, the process will go much faster.
I did not even finish the course, but I stopped somewhere after the seventh section, when I realized that I needed.

PS and began to read all sorts of books on design, composition, light, etc.) :sweat_smile:

WIP Game Env Update: Grass Population

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Hello everyone, finally did finish my environment, I wanted to share what i did.

I want to finish here and move to a new project)


Dude! This is insanely awesome!
The whole thread!

They teach to make particles like fog and fire in that environment course?


The particles are already in the unity, and yes, how to set it up is shown)


looks sooo great!!! I love the atmosphere.


Thank you for kind words)

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This WIP has a certain quality of work. It’s not repetitive, while walking around the house. A lot to see and to discover. Not sure what kind of game your goal is. But as a games of role playing games (fan of Final Fantasy). This entertains me and want to go exploring by my self!

I miss some sound. But I can image that, that will be a new challenge.

So I say :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Thank you. Yes, the music would be much more atmospheric, but it will definitely be in the next project, and it will definitely be. If this was done for the game, then the genre would rather be a horror or a quest / adventure. This project was rather educational, complex and long)

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I loved the journey of watching you grow as an artist. Excellent stuff, an inspiration for someone who has yet to start. Thank you. :smiley:


Thank you. Always feels like are just starting)

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