Section 1 Final Challenge: Master Sword's Shrine

Hi everyone!

I’m really glad to be here! I’ve seen so many talented and creative people! Specially in this first challenge using only primitive objects and just an introduction on blender’s potential, really, it’s amazing!
This is my first time ever using any 3D program and i’m sooo exited!
It took me forever to do this, I just couldn’t leave the idea unfinished and I really tried not to look on the internet to do anything but the fairy glowing and some object manipulation in Editor’s mode, however, I’m finally moving in the course!

Hope you guys like it!

PS: It is all rendered with eevee because I just couldn’t figure out how to make the scene look the way I wanted using cycles.

Thanks again and take care everyone
Cudos o/


Wow! Such a nice first post. So much work.
It’s a recognizable scene. Colorful. It is mysterious and a great project.

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Thank you so much for your input! It makes me reeeeally happy and looking forward for the next chapters o/

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Very good scene well beyond the challenge!

Welcome to this site.

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I love it!! Such a mystical atmosphere. :heart_eyes: I totally get you about cycles rendering, I even posted a question about it some time ago Render is too bright in cycles

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