Second try with an Anime character

Following my first attempt at creating an anime character using techniques from the course, I tried making another anime character, this time without strictly following the course’s techniques.
I learned from watching other artists and used some course methods, like for the hair :thinking:.
However, I had trouble with too many triangles from the subdivision modifier and getting the hands to look right, specially trying to connect the hand to the body mesh, the character having gloves and being a shadeless model kinda helped me there. :sweat_smile:
The rigging also broke a bit when I applied the modifiers for some reason, I would have to take a look on why, any attempt to re-do the rigging ended up with even worst results, so I just did small adjustments.

Available in Sketchfab:

This renders were made in VRMPosingDesktop, which is in Unity

This model is also available in VRoid Hub if you are into Vtubers and all that jazz.


A high-quality model, well done!
The SketchFab model has a strange middle (center point), difficult to rotate around>
But that’s a minor thing.

Add different environments, and make some user stories around this figure to show its possibilities…

This is amazing!


Finally someone who gets what Anime looks like. :heart_eyes:

SMH at all the western washing GDTV and its community do to Anime. People here don’t know what Anime looks like but keep slapping the tag onto their western washed characters.

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