Anime Character

I finished the Anime course, I did the course with their design, finished it, and then I took a concept art
Using the same techniques and the topology taught in the course I managed this. The only extra thing was knowing how shape keys works

If you want to see how this looks in 3D, check out my sketchfab:


Been a while since you posted, welcome back, amazing model, lots of details and perfect colors, great job!


Great result and ideal way to use the course then repeat with your own version.


Wow wow wow! This is so cool!
Great job!

Was the outline part of the course too or was that your own doing?


That was something I found out on stylized characters uploaded in sketchfab and I thought it looked better with it (it doubles the tris though)

Is basically an inverted solidify modifier applied to all the model.: Toon shader from blender to sketchfab #b3d #blender #lighting #render #3d #cg - YouTube
This is only for render purposes, for game engine related outlines that can be done with their respective shaders.

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Nice work looks great


Nice work contributing to the community in just your first hour👏

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Very cool! xxx

Wait, this isn’t your alt-account to double down on your reply addiction?!?

Huh, wdym?

Never mind, it’d be the perfect disguise though…

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Ah I see, it would be a cool disguise, funny how you think I’m the one who replies a lot when I only have a thousand replies, compared to some which have over 15 thousand🤣

Meh, forget it. It was just a joke. I guess my humor is as dry as sahara desert. I should just shut up.


Lol I see what you did there, you can joke around Idc

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