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I know the course for C++ multiplayer intermediate sets up a scrollbox to display all the sessions in the blueprint. I’d like to set up the sessions from this course, the Co-Op Adventure C++ course, to push the session information for server name, number of connected clients, and ping with a little Join button as a widget child into the scroll box. However, I can’t figure out how to do it with the Co-Op adventure course and the other course on C++ multiplayer doesn’t mesh well with this course.
Another nice to havefeature, the ability to mark your session as private so that it uses a password or requires an invite. I saw the private option in the session interface documentation but don’t see anywhere on how to implement it.

I feels like the course was going so well and once the bare minimum of connecting two people over steam was met…the teaching of how to use the online session features just stops.

Hi Robert,
The idea of the course is to cover and get you started on what is needed in a simple co-op experience using multiplayer OSS features. This leaves room for you to explore what you want to do yourself and you can certainly ask on the discord for advice. The features such as private sessions, ping times and so on are a little more advanced and would be a little more involved to implement and so a decision was made not to include this as it’s not really necessary for this course.

The UE4 course you refer to focuses more on the multiplayer aspect of games and less on gameplay which is why it went into a little more depth when it comes to this kind of thing. It should be possible to follow the code from that course and create your own implementation. It is also worth looking at the documentation around the OSS features on the Unreal website and finally take a look at the code in the Lyra Multiplayer demo from Epic.

I hope this answers your queries.

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