Scriptable objects 2nd time in course?

Hello, I’m watching lecture 97 of unity 2D, and apparently this is the second time were talking about scriptable objects.

I must have missed the first time it was explained in the course… I do go fast through the basic coding as I already have enough professional coding experience. But this is Unity specific, so I would like to find that lecture. Can you please point me to it?



Prefabs were introduced in lecture “Using Prefabs In Unity” (currently #59) in the the Block Breaker section.

If you use a newer version of Unity (2018.3+), you could treat prefabs like game objects. The difference is that a prefab does not exist in the scene and is usually used as a blueprint for actual game objects in the scene.

Did this help? :slight_smile:

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Hi Nina!

You are mentioning Prefabs, but my question is related to Scriptable objects, and the lecture “Using Prefabs In Unity” does not mention Scriptable objects.

With my current understanding, these are different concepts, but I’m here to learn :slight_smile:


Oops, my bad. I read “prefabs” for some reason. You are right. Scriptable object and prefabs are two different concepts.

Scriptable objects are similar game object. The difference is that they cannot exist in the scene because they do not have a Transform component. We usually use them as configuration objects. In the Text101 section, we used them to create “room” objects containing a text and an array pointing to the next “room” objects. They were introduced in lecture “Unity Scriptable Objects” (currently #23).

Ah, yes, of course. I somehow totally forgot about how the states were done.

Thanks for pointing it out!

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