Screenshots of edited Landscapes

Interesting project. Looking forward to getting into the coding.

Here is my edited landscape:


Awesome, I love your style!

@IanL That landscape looks very peaceful and ‘pastoral’!

I made a moat around one of the cows. I wanted to make a castle in the middle but realized that was maybe too ambitious :slight_smile:


I guess a castle probably would have detracted from the Bulls and Cows theme, but I like the idea. That cow’s certainly looking a bit isolated now, looks like it’s sizing the gap ready for a jump attempt lol

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Looking cool, I like the hills in the background.

Here is my take on the ladnscape in Bulls and cows.

Here’s what I’ve got.

I like the natural ridges along the side of the map :slight_smile:

That center island looks really cool!


Edited Landscape: