SceneLoader Quit does not work for Zombie FPS

I tried quitting the scene in the FPS course but it doesn’t work. Rick thinks it has to do with Time.timeScale, but putting one in Quit Application doesn’t work.
LoadScene Script;

PlayerHealth Script;


Where do you test Quit.Application? In the Unity editor? If so, that method will not work there. It works in standalone builds only.

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Like Nina mentions, Application.Quit when playing in the Unity editor does not work. Here is how it can be achieved, though. The trick is to just stop play mode

    if (Application.isEditor)
        UnityEditor.EditorApplication.isPlaying = false;
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I am testing Application.Quit while in play mode in the engine.

Do I type this script into the SceneLoader.cs file to make this happen?

I don’t know. Wherever you use Application.Quit, you should use the code I provided instead.

It adds a compiler directive so if you are running in the editor, it will execute UnityEditor,EditorApplication.isPlaying = false; and if you built the application it will execute Application.Quit

You should also be aware that you cannot quit a WebGL game. I usually have code (which I excluded from the above) to check if it is a WebGL application. But I have other code that checks and removes the ‘Quit’ button if it is a WebGL application

Thank you for letting me know that I cannot quit a WebGL game.

No problem. You can check like this

if (Application.platform != RuntimePlatform.WebGLPlayer)

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