Scene View Has gone white

I am very new to Unity and have been following the Unity Third Person course and loving it.
I have just hit a hurdle tho. I am up to the State Driven Camera tutorial and for some reason in my Scene view the screen is all white.
When I play the screen looks normal, and the game Screen looks normal too.
I have attached an image of what I am seeing. Any ideas what I may have done wrong?

Err, this shows how new I am. I found the issue already.
Somehow I changed the Context to Gray. When I clicked on ‘Normal’ context it went back to normal.

Why is it when you spend ages looking at something, then ask for help, the issue is discovered almost immediately lol


Note that it is white because you are in ‘prefab edit mode’. This is not the game scene, but just the prefab’s scene. It’s is sometimes better (mine is set to ‘Hidden’) because it let’s you know very clearly that you are editing a prefab and not the scene.

aah right thank you for the clarification.

For the last question, it’s the “duck”.

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