Scarfy didn't load when running debug

So I ran into an issue where the scarfy texture was not appearing in my window. Wasn’t getting any errors or problems so checked my logic and it seemed to check out. I’ve seen a few topics where “Run build task” (compile) solved things, so have that a shot.

Viola! The texture now appears when running debug.

My question is…why? It looks like the instructor was able to run in debug without any issues before compiling, so what could potentially cause this? I tend not to be satisfied with a fix until I know why a fix worked.


I am also having this problem where Scarfy’s texture isn’t loaded in :frowning:
“Run Build Task” hasn’t seemed to fix it for me either

Hi there!

I could certainly help solve why Scarfy isn’t being loaded. But I would need to see your code so I can debug the issue.

As for the OP, I don’t have an answer for you. Debugging runs the build task first so doing it separately shouldn’t yield a different result.