Run Delivery Driver in Android mobile


I am new to game development and started learning through Unity 2D courses offered in Udemy. I completed the Delivery driver project in the course and was trying a few things on my own to run the app on mobile devices. I was able to publish the app in PlayStore (for internal testing) but the game was controlled by the arrow keys as per the development so just wondering how this can be done while running the app on mobile.

Understand it’s too early but it would be great to find some ideas in the beginning and appreciate your help in this regard.


You might want to check out our Mobile Games Course. We cover most of these issues in that course.


Brian is right. If you are interested in developing games for Android, our Mobile Games Course might be helpful for you.

If the only problem you have in your current game is the way the user input gets processed, you could look for tutorial videos on Youtube. There are quite a few on how to implement touch input. See, for example, here:

Also please feel free to ask our helpful community of students for advice over on our Discord chat server.

I hope this helped. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Brian and Nina!

I was more interested in starting the mobile game development so do you guys suggest any specific course in GameDev to begin with for a starter like me?


@Marc_Carlyon, is our Mobile Games Course for beginners?

I would call it fairly beginner friendly. Having a good familiarity with the Unity Editor, and knowing the basic C# syntax would be very helpful, though.

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