RTS Multiplayer. Error disconnecting connid=0 to prevent exploits

After some time if you are host, you’ll catch this exception. This exception happen, because our command cannot take gameobject input parameters. It can only take parametrs like this: float, int etc. So i decided to get object by instance id, but there is problem, i don’t how to find gameobject by Instance Id.Maybe there is another way, how to get it, but i don’t know.

Hi there,
What version of Mirror are you using? I’m trying to determine if this is a new error introduced by a new Mirror version and if we need a general work around for this.

Mirror’s documentation says you can pass a gameObject over the network as long as it has a network Identity and is not a prefab.

Can you run a Debug.log and see what is being sent? If it’s a unit or building that was spawned by the game it should be okay.

It’s ok. Problem solved. It was something about my wrong code logic. I don’t remember exatcly what helped to solve problem. I think yes, it was something like documentation says.

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