RPG adventure untitled game

First of all I want to say thank you for delivering the best game development courses on the internet.
I have completed RPG, inventory and dialogue/quest course and I absolutely loved them all!
I have never before showed what I’ve done (shame on me) but here it goes.

I remade the player controller to a Third person Controller like Wow where you look around with left mouse button and look at forward direction with right mouse button.
I always loved Cel Shading so I implemented it in the game. Bought some Synty Studios assets.
Otherwise it’s pretty much the same from the courses.

My idea from the 1.5 page GDD subtitle (World of Warcraft) meets (Yonder: Clouds catching chronicles)

I know that I have the skills required to finish this project, also I have found a 3D modeler and a script writer (which did not write the current script :P)

Click on the link to download and view a gif file of the game.

I would never have gotten this far without the help of Gamedev.tv. Thank you very much

Best regards
Johannes Andersson

I like the Cel Shading!

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Thanks! I really appreciate it :slight_smile: