Reversed Movement

I have rewatched the videos and matched my code with the code on github and all seems to match. My movement is reversed when I set it to -1. Works correctly when 1 but then the map bounds are backwards and only allows going off the map. Where else could I look for a solution to this?

Hi Dukie,

Can you show me your code as it is now? I can help you identify the issue.

Screenshot (4)

Thanks for responding and trying to help!

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I’m not seeing the immediate problem, can you help me out by submitting your project through this form?

I can test your project here and debug the problem more directly.

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Thanks Dukie,

After a closer look, I found you’re using Vector2Subtract instead of Vector2Add. Which would certainly result in a reversal of outputs and thus, controls.

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Thank you, that was the issue. Truly appreciate your time!

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Just a hint:

It will be much easier for people to help you if you copy/paste your code in a Blockquote.

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You’ll be able to get help more quickly if you do this.
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Blockquote is better.
You get the idea.

It will look like this in your draft:

Like meow

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