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In the Reverse and Revert section of the Git course I was unable to revert the snowman’s arm. I got a conflict on my scene and it did not appear to be resolvable. Resolving conflicts put an armless snowman back into my SampleScene, rather than the snow scene, and lost all new changes that were previously in the SampleScene. Of course I had been playing around with merges and changes to the master branch in the exercises in earlier sections, so I am not sure what I did to prevent this revert from working. I was able to revert a simple change I made to the master branch that was not too far back in history.

Hi Emily,

Did you select “mine” or “theirs” when solving the conflict?

Thanks. I tried it both ways. I think I did something to “break” the GIT flow somewhere earlier in the flow. In the very first merge case that I did, I pressed the wrong one “mine” vs. “theirs” and had to backtrack and redo it. So I might have messed up the state of the GIT repository flow at that time. I am not sure how to reproduce my steps even if I started over. So, it will be really hard to determine what went wrong. I mainly posted to inform other people that there might be some cases where you can’t surgically remove a change.

Is there a commit of which you know that it is correct? If so, you could do a reset. Bear in mind though that all commits will get lost after the commit you select.

Select the last commit you want to keep, click the right mouse button and select “Reset current branch to to this commit”. Select “Mixed” to keep the changes of the subsequent commits (but not the commits), or select “Hard” to delete all subsequent commits including the changes.

Before you do that, make a backup of your entire project folder by duplicating it. Save it somewhere else. Then you will not lose anything if you do not get the desired result from the reset.

thank you.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

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