Revenge of the Argon Duck

Playable at:

I got distracted with this one, I put in almost 2 weeks of improvements after completing the course content. With lots of googling and code rewriting.


That was amazing! It shows how much effort and care you put into your project! Congrats man! You did a great job!

The extra work shows. This is my favorite version of this. I’m about to start working on this project myself. Good job.

How did it go? Did you end up using any store assets?

I’m halfway through it. I kinda changed the concept to be a flying teacup pig in a house. Made all the things in Blender. Which I am also learning.

Video play-through here.

Light and color are kind of a nut I need to crack.

Love the upbeat feel of it, don’t change that.

Minimum Textures

I tried learning 3D modeling and blender in years past, but gave up on it. Only so much time can be spent on a hobby, so I decided to go with store assets and concentrate on the programming and assembly. The UV mapping and lack of time for detail is what got to me.

If you want to stay with the cartoon look that is webgl friendly, I would recommend going to and download the textures you need. But only apply the normal maps in a cut down resolution. There are more advanced techniques but that one is a quick hack for creating your own simple cartoon models.

If you notice your textures are sideways or stretched funny, getting that right is the black art of UV mapping.


There are entire courses dedicated to this. Lighting can drive you nuts, you can fiddling with the settings all day. At a minimum you will want to mark anything not moving as static and bake the lighting - possible with low resolution light maps.

For extra visual flare check out unity post processing, light probes, and reflection probes.
Post processing - is just a collection of effects like color grading and saturation. Basically play with the dials until it looks good :stuck_out_tongue:
Light probes - they sample the world and will give you more accurate lighting for the light probes you are closest to. Most noticeable when going into dark corners or close to large colorful objects.
Reflection probes - your reflections will reflect something other than the sky box.