Retopologized orc

Here is my orc retopologized…
I went fully manual on the orc and it is now near 16k faces

I then tried to retopologize clothing and armor mainly using decimate but I’ve had to make a long manual pass on it (straps and topstitch require many vertices actually :sweat_smile:)

It takes up to 36k faces, total. More than the target of the course but I guess it is not that bad for a first time (plus I tried and added a few fine details hoping I could end up this course with something worth feeding a portfolio)


Very muscular orc, portfolio worthy in my eyes, at least until you create something better.


Thanks @Christopher_Powell ! We’ll see how it looks when I finish this course :relaxed:


Looking like a professional re-topo!
High mesh where details are needed.
Well done!

Have fun!


Thank you @FedPete !
Your comment is very encouraging for my first one, given the long and sweaty time it required for me to do this.

Since I opted for quite a detailed orc, I knew it would need fine retopology for a nice animation (last section of the course) so I paid close attention to Grantt’s tips about that and rummaged around on the Internet to find a few more details on this point.


Very well done and showing how much better hand toppo is than any auto way.


he’s brill! xxxz

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