dont know can anyone tell me is this topology good? this is me first time doing manual retopology

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It’s looking alright to me so far. I don’t see any n-gons and the loops don’t look like they would spiral, though this is something I can’t really check easily just by looking.
It’s a bit too early to say since a lot can change once you fill in the rest of the face/head and the body.


can you share any link where i can understand it better how to it accurately

This guy on YouTube has a lot of useful videos on character modelling, topology and rigging. I suppose this one on face retopo would be the most relevant here. I don’t really know of any straightforward website articles, sorry.

I learn mostly by watching then doing, but I also use some books occasinally.

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It is not bad.
However the biggest issue is the variation in face size and shape.

There are a lot of vertical edges between the eye and ear for example. A big wide spacing on the forehead beside other more narrow ones. You are possibly trying a little too hard to follow ever shape change, when for a Low Poly copy the baking of the normals will fake a lot of that.

Look up on line some topology guides to reducing 3 to 1 etc. They show other combinations too.

Just seen this on the ‘show’ section well worth you looking at for topology.


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