Resolved: 2D - Section 3 - 20. UI Canvas & Text: Text box not visible

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Just to clarify, I am at Section 3: Text101 / 20. UI Canvas & Text (Complete C# Unity Game Developer 2D)
I was about to create the text after creating the canvas, but I am having difficulties with the text box. I cannot find and therefore edit/scale it in the scene window:

As you can see I changed the text, font size, and color via the inspector window, but that’s it. Now, I can play around with the Width, Height, Best Fit settings to make the text appear in the game window, but I would like to get the basics right. I have deleted the text, canvas, and EventSystem game objects and tried to start from scratch but the issue persists.

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Update: had to scroll all the way out, forgot to missed the step where I had to double-click canvas, apologies

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Text is a UI element, thus it is very likely arranged within the huge canvas box. Your screenshot shows the little camera viewport. Your Hierarchy looks correct so far.

Double click on the Text game object in the Hierarchy to set the focus on it.

If you cannot see your text in the game window, make the text box larger. The height is just 30 px while the font size is 40. It might be that the text is simply too large for the little bounding box.

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