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Which resolution should i set my game to for publishing on
I have set it originally as the course suggests to 1920x1080, but once uploaded on the website it was way too big for the screen.


Hi Sokafootball,

Ideally, the resolution of your game should work for the majority of people with computer screens because our game does not have a responsive design. A common resolution that works for almost everybody would be 800 x 600.

My screen has got a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Your game would be cropped because of my task bar and the browser menu. Since you cannot know how large these two things are on my or other people’s screen, it’s safer to opt for a significantly lower resolution.

Did this help?

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Hello Nina, thanks for the help! Yes it makes sense, i would recommend then in the future to change the tutorial so the size of the game to be set is 800x600, this way other student will not stumble on the issue.
It seems i will have to modify the placement of the various UI elements before being able to upload it at 800x600.

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