Reproducing glitching



I found that the easiest way to reproduce glitching was to remove rolling resistance on the server. I’ve wrapped line 95 in the SimulateMove method with an if statement that would only add rolling resistance on the client side:

	Force += GetRollingResistance();

This way I could have the server car running at a slow trot, while I used the client car to drive in circles around it.

A bit of an obvious tip is to set the lag to a bigger value. Two seconds worked just fine for me:
Net PktLag=2000


How does this fix work?


I wouldn’t call it a fix, more of a crutch to help reproduce the glitching that was demonstrated in the video (at about 7:20), and was a part of the challenge.

With that code in place, once the Authority starts moving it will move at a constant speed. I found it easier to reproduce the disagreement-between-server-and-client glitch if the Authority car was moving at a steady pace. Temporarily commenting out that line would have worked just as well. :slight_smile: