Reposition Virtual Camera to match Scene Camera?

When my scene camera was already positioned how I wanted it in my Game View, I found having to reposition the Virtual Camera to match the Scene Camera frustrating.

The closest I could get to matching my the Virtual Camera to my original Scene Camera was to copy the position of the original Scene Camera first (from the Transform Inspector Panel settings) then paste it onto the Virtual Camera using the same Transform settings menu.

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Hi Rory,

Are the screenshots from your Main Camera game object? Where is your virtual camera?

The screen shots are taken in Scene View showing the position of the original Main Camara and its position reference before bringing in the virtual camera. You can see the inset Main Camera view lower right.

I used these to reposition the virtual camera as when it is brought in it has to be realigned to match the original scene view camera.

I posted this as a possible helper in case others had the same issue (feeling they had to do all the positioning of the game camera again)

Does that mean you fixed the issue? If so, you could your answer as the solution to allow other students find your thread more easily.

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