Replicating physics

@sampattuzzi Thanks for this course, i enjoyed and learned a lot !
One question - how would you go with replicating physics and syncing physics objects between clients?

I think you would need to give the client more authority. So instead of reporting its control input it would send position, velocity and control. The server would need more heuristic checking to see if the result seems in keeping with what it would expect (with some margin for error). Obviously, the margin for error could be exploited by cheaters but you have to accept some of that to allow the game to be more fun and responsive.


Hi Sam! Again: Great stuff mate! I’ve been learning a lot from your courses, thank you so much!
This topic brought by Felix_Don is really interesting but your answer got me more on the questioning mode, which is a good thing, I guess.
Understanding that cheating is not of concern (for the characteristics of a certain game) how could one implement some margin for error to the server? Understanding that the focus is on the best Physics Based Movement possible, on Client and Server.
Cheers! Thank you so much!

I would imagine that to achieve this, you would have to implement your own physics. You would need to it be recreatable so there is no variance in their behaviour so all clients see the same thing.

It is possible that UE physics has this build in but I’m not that familiar with this area of the engine.

It will require a bit of experimentation to see what works.

Thanx for your time Brian!
You’re right. I’m experimenting right now to find the best way to get what Felix_Don is also after. I believe a Client’s Authoritative Physics Model with Transform replication (and some movement prediction - why not?) would be the best for what I need.
Cheers mate!

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