Replicating Jump from AutonomousProxy to Authority

Hey guys, I implemented a movement replication system based on the Krazy Karts Project in the Unreal Multiplayer Course. The only difference is I’m replicating character movement rather than car movement. The issue I’ve ran into is I can’t call Jump on the Authority version of my Autonomous Proxy without ticking replicate movement on the Blueprint. I don’t want to tick replicate movement because a) it interferes with my custom logic, which like Krazy Karts simulates the client moves on the Server and b) It makes movement choppy by constantly correcting it. This gets especially bad when I simulate packet lag. Is there a way to simulate Jump on the Authority version of my Autonomous Proxy without turning on replicate movement?

I’m not sure why you need to tick replicated movement?

BTW, are you aware that the built in character already implements all the techniques described in the section.

Hey Sam, I can’t do any charactermovementcomponent movement like Jump on the server version of my autonomous proxy unless I tick replicate movement. I am using the Unreal ACharacter with built in replication functionality and ticking replicate movement allows me to utilize it. However, the issue is I can’t do server side validation this way because the moves automatically get replicated from client to server without me being able to validate it.

I assume that’s because Unreal has already created the validations that you require?

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