Replicate Movement cheat protection

So i looked into the unreal movement replication and this code have a lot of functionality so rewriting it seems a bit excess, but it does not provide any cheat protection from what i tested, even simple “enable speedhack” checkmark in cheatengine will work. It has something to do with clienttime from what i understand and its working even though there are functions like “VerifyClientTimeStamp()” in CharacterMovementComponent. I didnt find any incoming value checks either, so i would assume that sending packet with MovementValue greater than supposed will work too. I cant understand where should i add those checks and what should i check exactly. So the question is: did anyone try to make default replication movement system cheatproof on at least a base level? If so, would appreciate tips

I would expect cheat protection in the CharacterMovementComponent but it seems all the _Validate methods return true. But I also noted they are all virtual. So try making your own subclass of CharacterMovementComponent and overriding the relevant _Validate methods with cheat protection.

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