Remove double

Hello every one i am having problem with something in blender can anyone help me out?

in the picture above when i try to remove the doubles instead of removing one edge it turns out like this

i have been trying it for a while but the remove double option never works right i can not understand can anyone help me?

also for example these two edges should snap together and become one on removing the doubles

but it becomes like this on removing the doubles help anyone.

For your first post, the higher the value in the Merge Distance, the more vertices will come together. Lower the value and it shouldn’t happen.

It is probably the same issue in your second post. Fiddle with it and find out.

If it doesn’t work, do it one at a time with the Merge Distance.

no it happens even when the distance is 0

no actually i checked again yes it got fixed the distance was greater thank you so much for helping :slight_smile:

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