Reliable vs UnReliable Replication

Just wondering but is it safe to say that if the data is continuous such as holding down the fire key or things like movement (This one was already stated), that we should use Unreliable and if it’s a single fire action that may not repeat such as dropping an inventory item, then it should probably be Reliable?

Well, yes and no.

If you were sending a series of I’m firing messages like a single shot fire but repeatedly, do you want to miss a shot? This could be the difference between opponent life or death.

I would say where absolute position is involved, unreliable would be OK because it would catch ip next message being received successfully.

For firing repeatedly, send a start firing reliably and stop fire reliably. Think key pressed and key released here.

You use unreliable when missing one or 2 will not impact on gameplay

Hope this helps.

That’s a good point, the player would get quite upset about that. I’ll keep that in mind and remember that I should only use unreliable if missing a few won’t make a serious impact on the state of the game, such as with movement.

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