[Released] The Complete Unity Developer 2017

We’d love to update the Unity course completely, same projects but in the latest version of Unity and with 1000s of small improvements.

This would start in Unity 2017 and continue through as versions update.

The only way we can afford to do this is create a different course, and offer it as an upgrade.

Would be $10 to upgrade for existing Complete Unity Developer students.


Yes please :slight_smile:

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I think its a good idea, $10 upgrade isn’t much, so up to existing students whether they want to go for it. Thanks for the offer, but I’m good to go my current way on coding :wink:

But my question is, will I still be able to access the older Unity course?


My guessing is there will be an “Archive” section where the older videos are layed to rest

Yes I don’t think we plan on retiring it right away. At some point it will probably be removed from the marketplace to avoid confusion but we will go on supporting it for quite a while.

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It will be a separate course in this case.

I’d definitely upgrade for that.

Unity 5 is over! Please don’t update a course to a version of Unity that’s received it’s last update! Wait for Unity 2017 (I.e. Unity 6.0) to leave Beta, then start teaching people the foundations for the new software! Sure, with it being so early in the cycle there’s going to be changes in the near future, but those can be notes in the questions/comments, short clips to explain what’s changed and any bugs that have been ironed out.

To make a course on Unity 5 (released back in 2015) in 2017 is ridiculous :stuck_out_tongue:

You are right. We are planning to produce in Unity 2017.


Man and I really wanted to start Unity after I’m done with Unreal. Guess I’ll be waiting for the 2017 version to be released waiting waiting waiting :stuck_out_tongue:

This sounds good and maybe you could add a section on making a game like Restarant Story?

Yes, more Unity please.

Definitely. But, I’d like to see new projects in the course. Text adventures are a classic first programming exercise, and everyone loves even a simple FPS, so obviously stuff like that shouldn’t be omitted, but some new games would be neat.


Yes please!

This can be like an intermediate/advanced sequel to the former Unity Course. Teaching more in-depth techniques but maintaining the same theory/practice/challenge structure on the chapters.

Some examples might be created to show the following aspects:

  • Rendering PostFX (And how to achieve better graphics quality on Unity)
  • Terrain and realistic Foliage techniques
  • An overview of typical advanced software dev patterns used in Unity (for Gameplay dev and Scripting dev)
  • Example of implementing an in-game interactive UI (ex. Fallout 4. Interaction with other devices in game like: Pip-Boy, Computers, Devices, etc)

I already own the other Unity course, but for $10 I would be interested in upgrading anyway. Hopefully this new course will also have a lot of fun content, maybe with some added content to each section.

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Yes! Also, please add a section on unity networking now that it is included in the system.

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Just to be clear, is the older course called, “The Complete Unity Developer” ??

Do you have any plans for UE4 courses? I really like the Blender course, but I really don’t understand why this company seems to mostly focus on Unity.

Now, granted, the biggest reason I’d like more UE4 courses is because of the stigma that Unity has.

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I want the Unity 2017 course to be structured like the Unreal course, where we learn a lot about the engine’s working and make 3 fully playable and reasonably polished games.


another amazing ideia!

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