[Released] The Complete Unity Developer 2017

You can teach us to make professional games.Anyone thinks in Unity can’t make professional games.Teach us to make a demo of a ThirdPersonShooter game.And from there anyone can continue the project.Teach us how to make a Cinematic.A card game like HearthStone(because its made in Unity).Tower Defence,etc.
And then this course will be every starter course for Unity Developers who want to make something cool there.

This in my opinion has its pros and cons. For someone new to Unity, this would be ideal. The first course taught us all so much, so an update to the course would be ideal for the next generation of Unity’ers. However, for us who have been through the course (and there are many of us), I would rather see time and money invested in more advanced courses. I like the idea you are doing with the RPG game right now where you focus on one genre. I would like to see advanced courses where you focus on one genre at a time.
…but to get back to your point, yes, $10 is more than reasonable for a full upgrade :slight_smile:

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One thing i have noticed that is missing and sorely will need an updated part to it is the unity vehicle system.
The standard asset pack is good but tbh customising it to work how you want it can be a complete nightmare.
I am currently working on a micro machines project and attemping to keep the car from spinning out whilst getting enough speed to have the right legnth od jump with the mass and drag values with rollbars etc… The list goes on.

I know unity 2017 course is meant to be the same teaching just updated projects but maybe as a seller to others a bonus section on a top down car game.

yes please

Vehicles is a good thing to add. I would like to see it too, specially for more advanced vehicles like tanks, helicopters, and well, mechs and robots.

Yes! new projects would be great! I would like to see how to make a game like Restaurant Story with multiplayer support.

Being a complete newb to both Unity and scripting, I am currently taking the Unity course and would love to see it updated and improved to Unity 5.x! I don’t feel that $10.00 additional dollars would be a burden and wouldn’t mine paying the extra.

I would like to see more fundamental time spent on explaining scripting for those of us with absolute 0 knowledge coming into this course. Or, barring that, some supplemental lectures those more experienced can skip, handouts with basic information on scripting written for the layperson or, other resources where we can be brought up to speed on the basics of scripting. I can to rote just as well as anyone but, I want to know what the pieces parts are and why they are being used! :slight_smile: While I have taken the initiative to deal with my lack of understanding via other means, I think providing a background with some fundamentals would open up the course to many more students.

And, please, please, please no disparaging remarks about parts of the scripting process being boring. Yes, it may be boring in parts, especially to experienced scripters but, it certainly isn’t for those of us new to the process. We are excited to learn and to be able to accomplish what is being taught in the lectures so pep us up for success!

Also, I would like to see the Text101 project updated with time spent on the fundamentals of how you create a GDD for a game. Actually show how you created a GDD. What are the processes? How did you diagram out the Prison game steps, etc. Personally, I felt like I was missing something important while creating the script for the game even though I read the GDD a couple of times and looked at others out there on the internet.

I cannot comment further on the course at this point since I am still going through the last few lectures for Text101. But, agrees the course should be updated.

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One Thing I Would Like To See In The Course :-


Jk I know it would be a lot more effort

All hail the new course

Love too! Go for it!

I was just thinking that a 2017 version would be great, I will happily pay $10 for the upgrade.

Is the 2017 course still being considered? Recent notes on the original course page make it seem like you’re just updating that one as needed.

Pretty sure @ben is planning it at the moment - if not in the coming weeks

I would love to have this focus around what game studios look for in a Unity developer and include some advanced C# topics like OOP. Also creating more polished games could be good to build a solid portfolio around. I have followed your first Unity course and Ricks getting a job course but it is still hard actually getting a job as a Unity developer because of the fact of having no experience :confused:

P.S I would gladly pay $10

Hi there, my immediate focus is moving house! Then I’ll be finishing the RPG in early August. Immediately after that I’ll be onto Unity 2017, as a brand-new course.

The first 3 games have already been prototyped so we’re hot and ready :slight_smile:


Cheers for the update Ben! Happy moving!


So is it still good to take the current Unity/C#? Or would it be wise to wait a bit and buy/take the new course?

Hi there, I would suggest BOTH. The projects will be very different in the two, so you’ll benefit from both. Why wait?

Awesome, I’ll start the current one right away!

Yes please. As you think about starting that new updated course, please include a thourough section about making games with the UWP, including XBox Live Creators stuff, that would help a lot of people to actually start making games for windows 10 and Xbox One in the Creator program.

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