Raylib install help

This has probably been answered before but I cannot find a solution anywhere.

I have been trying to download raylib, pretty much any version. Computer flags it as unsafe and refuses to let me bypass it. I have gone through and disabled Norton and windows defender in the settings, reported it as a safe website, even tried using the link provided to try and download the assets. When I extract the assets, there is no executable file to use? The version I tried that with was the latest one 5.0. Is there something I am missing or not doing correctly ?

I am using windows 11 if that helps. Any advice to get through this would be much appreciated !

The download itself should be an executable that installs all of the necessary files, sometimes when Windows Defender flags a file you’re given the option to bypass. If you’re unsure you can share a screenshot and I can attempt to assist.

Before running the installer, you can also try adding it as an exception in Windows Defender.

It took a while, but I didn’t think to add it to the exceptions, after doing that it started to install for me just fine! Thanks for that tip! Greatly appreciated

Awesome, I’m glad we got that resolved for you!

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