Rapid fire never stops | UE 4.19.2

During the beginning of the lecture there was a warning that the Cooldown decorators don’t work for 4.19+, which i am in 4.19.2, i decided to try just following the alternative provided in this thread: Couldn't get cool down to work

basically without collapsing anything to one behaviour, i got this:

unfortunately, this method did not work whatsoever, and the AI characters still just rapid fired endlessly, so i tried following the lecture to the letter and utilized Tag Cooldowns, there was a glimmer of hope because the AI’s did stop firing intermittently (though they did continue to fire bursts of god knows how many projectiles), but my UE4 kept crashing so i assumed that this was not an idea solution.

So now I have no idea how to:

  1. Implement this idea of a cooldown
  2. how do I get them to stop rapid firing? even when the Tag Cooldown method was working before UE4 would crash on me, i would still hear the AI’s firing at lightspeed.

and here is my latest commit (this no longer is using LFS)

for additional reference, I noticed when I even set a Wait behaviour after the Sequence node in question i realized its just keeps looping from the top. why is this? I initially thought this was because my AI Sight perception radius was too small (i set it small for testing purposes) but even when i increase it this still keeps happening.

I will offer advice how to solve but no direct answer. Someone else might give direct answer. I will instead help you to understand how to solve on your own.

My first thought is that you may not have it working at all as it could just be a bug causing it to not fire. You can easily mislead yourself into thinking its working in this case when it is not especially since you mention crashes when you think its working.

If its continually firing then you have no well working stop, So if its tied into code then the code is looping and not tied into cooldown or stopping it and if its BP then you have nothing tied into cooldown there that actually works to stop it.

So what you have to do is debug each piece that’s supposed to stop it and see where its going wrong - you can do that using debugger and/or adding logs. Alternatively, you can try to simplify everything and as a result you might find the problem more easily. Then you figure out what it could need and add that in or make appropriate changes.

thank you for the advice.

I understand where you are coming from, but at this point i’ve come to a stage where even if i backtrack the problem, i don’t understand UE4 enough to really come to a solution. I’ve only just now sort of figured out how the Blueprints works and how that actually ties into the C++ coding (but still only a vague picture). And this project has become so massive and there being an insane amount of lectures, i really don’t know where to backtrack upto.

I actually am aware that this is definitely a huge knowledge gap on my part, as i have described in a previous thread I put up. but i believe that this is really because for me personally there has not been many chances of repetition for me to remember any of these, and maybe that means that i just need to repeat things a lot more than others.

What I would like is some further guidance on how to solve this particular issue. things were seemingly working up until this lecture (i always make sure that i get the results as what is described in the lecture before moving on), so then it becomes insanely confusing to know what the issue is even though i am adding a lot of these Print nodes and breakpoints in the debugger in an attempt to examine the issue…

And just to note, Sam in the lecture did state that the Cooldown decorator does not behave as expected in 4.19>, so I assume the crashing is part of the issue he hinted at. So i probably do need a solution without the use of this decorator…

I can’t checkout your repo as the LFS assets are missing.

hi @DanM, thank you for letting me know. i really couldn’t figure how to resolve this LFS situation so i just made a brand new repo

So what are the issues with cooldowns? tried it on 4.22 with cooldowns and it worked fine. I then tried all day trying to build the project on 4.19 to see if it’s just 4.19 but I can’t seem to.

So the issue is not with cooldowns necessarily because like Sam mentioned in the lectures it seems to not work properly anyways in 4.19. So i implemented the method suggested in this thread here: Couldn't get cool down to work

but when looking at the behaviour tree it seems to never run the Wait nodes at all and keeps jumping to the next part of the branch (the Simple Parallel part) as shown in the video recording:

if you look at that recording, after the AI shoots, it SHOULD follow the next action within that Sequence which is a Wait of 5seconds, but it never does and keeps jumping to different parts of the tree.

and at this point i cannot figure out why this is happening.

It’s been a couple years so I’m not sure what issue that’s supposed to be and from my minor testing on 4.22, I’m not seeing an issue.

With that said, this is your issue, in the shoot task


Hi @DanM, apologies for the late response.

Yes that definitely was the issue, thank you so much! A user from the Gamedev discord room also helped me to this answer, The reason I was given is that because the isWithinRange section of the Behavior Tree was not been completely run might have been because the Shoot task was not returning a correct value, which lead him suspicious of the associated Blueprint Task.

I don’t understand why I missed this when I was trying to troubleshoot this problem but hopefully there will be less of this in the future…

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