Questions about installing VS Community 2019

If you’re having problems installing VS Community 2019, here’s a good place to ask.

Hello Ben this is kureshi Parvez from India I have uploaded some of work on this platform please tell me how going with blender thanks

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Thanks for asking, there’s a possibility myself or @Michael_Bridges will add this content in the future.

@ben this section of the video doesn’t mention anything about making sure the compiler gets added to the path. The first main() video goes on to using cl as though its available. I spent my course time on saturday and sunday this weekend working specifically on this problem. Visual studio doesn’t automatically add the compiler to the path and vs code doesn’t have a compiler it just expects that its available. I still am not sure it will be available the next time I run it but I found this artical which at least addresses the issue without telling to install g++ or mingw

The developer command prompt is used. Adding cl to the path isn’t enough.

See “Also Install Visual Studio Code” at 6:50

@DanM You’re a gentleman and a scholar! That is exactly the piece I missed, thank you

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