Pumpkins and other projects from Nilson da Silva

Hi there, everyone!

This is a topic for some of my random projects, to avoid flooding the forum with them. Currently I’m doing the Character Creator Course, but I like to try smaller projects in the meantime.

This one is a simple pumpkin model. Nothing fancy, no textures, just modeling, colors, bumps and modifiers.

Rendered in Cycles with 800 samples. Blender 2.91a (should open in 2.83~2.9).

With glare node in compositor (similar to bloom in eevee).

I’m making the blend file available to everyone who wants to take a look or even modify and use it. The license is CC-BY-SA, so commercial use is allowed, just keep the credits. More info inside the file.

Download here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-JFc_OoXmFTLVDg3PzwYZm3yFn3_0Mwp/view?usp=sharing



Nice cartoony Pumpkin. There is another thread here where several people added Haloween items.

Welcome to this site with a great ‘show’.


How nice! And you can add it here too: Blender Collab: Week 37 “Yellow”


Thank you, I don’t come here often, but I surely plan to check other threads.

@Blest Thank you!

Regarding @Blest’s message from some days ago, that particular collab is closed. But fear not, for a new one is open: Blender Collab: Week 38 “Celtic” Feel free to join and have fun!

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