Provided Sprites for Ladder and Enemy are too Large

I’ve noticed that the ladder and enemy sprites used in the videos are typically 32x32, the sprites provided on the pages for these lessons are way larger and somewhat blurry, in order to keep the appropriate scale on the ladder I had to change the pixels per unit to 1500, is there any way you guys are able to provide sprites more accurate to the ones in the videos? thanks for your time!

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That sounds strange. Did you check all settings in your scene? Maybe the camera is “zoomed out”?

What resolution do the sprites have that you downloaded? They should be 32 x 32 pixels.

Hi, sorry for taking so long to respond, i was having an issue loading the project back up that seems to have fixed itself. regardless, i’m looking at the provided ladder sprite from the lessons and unity is saying it’s resolution is 1500x1500. the spikes sprite shows the same resolution value. thank you for getting back to me.

Could you download this sprite from GitHub and import it into Unity? It’s the ladder sprite from Rick’s GitHub repository.

Then click on the sprite in your Assets folder. In the Inspector, you should see the Import Settings. Make sure the Render Mode is set to “Sprite (2D and UI)”.

If the issue persists, could you please share screenshots of what you see in Unity? And which version of Unity do you use?

I had the same problem, but grabbing the sprite from the github repo - as Nina suggested - got the enemy sprite sheet with the correct size. Thanks.

Yeah, same issue here as well, I just ended up making my ladder sprite in Aesprite – the file is definitely not the right size which is provided to us.

Edit: If I have to guess, maybe the website is taking his links to individual images and then re-linking them as some kind of preview? When you click on the actual link provided it just opens the same lecture in a new tab. I think there’s some automation mucking things up.

I fixed the link it seems like it was just on a view mode and the download is not enabled. There are two links you can download from the first one will open a new tab and you’ll have to save image us or the other link at the bottom which downloads a zip file. Can anyone try downloading the file now? Let me know if that works. Thanks!

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I went back to the ladders lesson, and the image is still 2500x2500 – when I click the png link it still opens the same course in a new window

@Joshua_Ison Getting reports of a few on these on this course.
I have asked Nina to log any she fines and let me know so if there are still any outstanding (teachable probably had a fit), then we can get these resolved.

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