Everytime when i start my Unreal Engine I need to redo some steps. At first i need to compile the C++ Project which is fine, I think. But the Problem: We learned to press E with a Character and then the spheres come out of it. But the Meshes disappear always and i need to drag them in again when i start the project new everytime. Also the Explosion Effect always disappers in the Mesh Menu and I need to drag it there again too. What can i do?:confused: It’s really depressing

Where are you saving your files? It is important they are not saved in the starter content folder.

Also, have you deleted the binaries and intermediate folders at any point? This can sometime help but in this case it is more likely where you save the files.

Also, avoid putting your project in your documents folder as sometimes OneDrive can interfere with the project.

I looked in the StarterContent and its not there. I deleted the folders one time… I saw the Effect and the Shape i used are from the StarterContent.

Just saw it here. Can I not use them from Starter Content and put them into the BP_ThirdPersonCharacter? I think in the Tutorial it was made the same way than me.

If you want to make changes to any of the starter content, you need to copy it to a folder outside of the starter content. I don’t think this applies to the likes of the ThirdPerson folder as it is created as part of a template.

So, you can refer to these objects as long as you don’t change any of them.

then this is not the problem… i didnt changed one of them! I just refered to the objects

In this case, close the editor and try a build from your code editor. This sounds like you have an error in your code so when you close and open, you are missing the classes. Sometimes live coding doesn’t pick up errors and a rebuild outside of unreal corrects this. Another way would be to delete the intermediate and Binaries folders which will force a build on open.

Of course, if it builds ok it is something else.

omg thank you so much! i got it now! Its working! thank you really much!

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Just glad to help.

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