Procedural Content Generation



Elite Dangerous uses the procedural content generation to simulate the landscape of non-atmothpheric moons or planets. I would like to learn how to implement this on a real moon or planet world size.

So, +1 to this.
Some thoughts:

  1. Hope you decide to implement the course with Unreal, or Unreal + Unity together.
  2. I hope the course would be not short, but long enough like The Unreal Engine Developer course
  3. I hope the course would be at the intermediate level, so it is not necessary to repeat the The Unreal Engine Developer course.


The Unreal course took about 2 years to produce, give the smaller number of sales for niche courses like this one, the course would have to be very expensive to be worthwhile for us. That said, I would love to make this course.


I would love to see that course!


well, true infinite terrain is something that went missing from gaming. Granted other aspects are important, this would be a good game design in general.

Infinite terrain would be a stretch goal of my own project; a course that that would almost seem too specific to what I’m trying to do. Hell, if its something Sam is writing about on his own, he would likely have a deal of ambition to lecture about it a little while. It would be a unique course and perhaps generate sales just from that reguard. Alot of people don’t have unique ideas anyway x) , so maybe a trendy sort of topic it could be


yes and multiplayer was there to

(where did unreal multiplayer course go anyway?)


let this be a course plz


I would really like to see some insight into procedural mesh geometry. I attempted it a while ago in the early days of UE4 and it was a difficult task indeed, my implementation was based on the marching cubes algorithm, but I was never able to finish.

I am also interested in stitching static maps together similar to what they do in Diablo 3, for those who aren’t familiar, they use maps with mostly static art, but have zones of the map that can vary dramatically.


Would buy in an instant! Most interesting topic so far.


Yessss! this would be a great course! I would love to hear about environment, and dungeon generation!


A in depth tutorial of Procedural generation of space scenes, terrain, planet, stars & nebula’s as well as other assets such as what you’d see in No Man’s Sky would be an idea I’d like to see. I do think it would end up being an intermediate or advanced course though.


There are some tutorials out there which teach procedural generation, I’ve found a couple on Udemy, however there is not very much out there that goes in depth and into the very advanced phases.


Isometric dungeons like Path of Exile in Unreal Engine!


Procedural generation would be something I’d definitely be interested in, I especially love @McFuzz’s idea, story generation would be amazing. I’d love NPC generation, lore/quest generation, ect.
Also, I’d love to learn more about tracking the opinion an NPC has of the player character if that hasn’t already been covered :slight_smile:


would like it too!


I think this one is so key, especially for a small team. If I have a good idea, and it plays well, I need a way to keep a player engaged level after level. The way I see it, there are two ways to do that, I can either meticulously design each level by hand, and then test it, or I can set up the rules for PCG and let the engine design the levels for me. Bonus points for things like changing textures and the layout to go with it (ie. snow levels, desert levels, forest levels, etc.).

Thinking about it, PCG may not even make it in to the end result, you may just use it to rapidly try different layouts, saving the best ones and then manually tweaking them!


Another Procjam goes by and I still have no idea where to start with procgen. Please, please, please can we get some good news on this subject! :smiley:


I’m all on board with PCG as a topic. I know I absolutely would love to learn how to apply it especially to UE4 if it’s at all possible with terrain meshes.


I’d love to learn how to get Unreal to procedurally generate a dungeon or similar environment.

Build your Own Game Engine!

Any update for the future planning for this course?
I can not wait, and already order a similar course from Udemy. However, I am still interesting to take this course when it is available.


Whilst at a recent gaming event, saw a spellbinding new game called Fugl. Check it out on Steam if you haven’t already.

The programmer, Gorm (who will hopefully join us here), was a great guy and would be very helpful to talk to when we get to this content and to Build your Own Game Engine!.