Procedural Content Generation



I’m really interested in procedural content generation (2d or 3d) of terrain, objects, npc, etc.
Another thing I would be really interested is in map generation of a level.

As a fan of your courses, I really hope you pick this one as the next! :slight_smile:


It would be great to see this as another course for the Unreal Engine


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Would like to see how to apply it to build FPS levels / arenas.


I quite like this idea, but we were sold a procedurally generated map course years ago, and it was abandoned and renamed “Creating Meshes with Code in Unity.” I don’t blame Ben for this, but some of us do remember.


My dream is to create a MINECRAFT / DUAL UNIVERSE / ASTRONNEER kind of game but with realistic rendering.

This is what I would like to learn: To create textured 3D-voxel terrain you can sculpt and edit IN-GAME,
using Unreal or whatever is the most adapted engine to achieve this. :slight_smile:


yeah, add multiplayer to this :slight_smile:


How do I vote? :sweat_smile:


After the failed course Brice started I’m gagging for this. The following things interest me:

  1. 2D Endless runner (Flappy Bird, Canabalt, Alto’s Adventure etc)
  2. 3D Endless runner (Temple Run)
  3. Dungeon crawler (Binding of Isaac)
  4. Character/crowd generator (with appropriate stats to match physique)
  5. Story branching (drawing a blank right now but it’d be awesome)

I’m sure that would be enough for one course! (Oh and my preference is Unity, FWIW)

There’s a whole community that comes together for Proc Jam and they had some great resources from proc gen specialists but I can’t find it right now with a quick google. It may be worth hunting down for inspiration on interesting takes on proc gen for this course.


Haha yes. I’m still salty about that course.


I would love a tutorial on PCG. I’ve done some basic PCG in Unity3D but really would like to know more about it. Whichever platform you guys choose (Unity, Unreal, Houdini) just give the basic overview on how to port that knowledge to other platforms also (implementation wise) so that everybody can benefit from the course.


How can we vote?


I cant see the button either! (but I already voted, I am just trying to find for you)


You just did! Vote count is only updated occasionally.

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DUNGEON GENERATION YESS YESS!!! Please Give us this a way to create our own environment.


+1 to this


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+10 for this

As stated in the main post this is extremely powerful for small indi teams and content creation.

I’d absolutely love to see this covered in unreal/c++ in terms of:
map/dungeon/world creation. Examples:
Darkest Dungeon’s dungeon creation
Rimworld’s planet map and/or single map terrain layout).

Also randomized characters in Darkest Dungeon or Rimworld would be excellent as well.


would it be possible to either support both Unity and Unreal or make the code translatable from one to the other? I know a lot of people want Unity but i can also imagine that lots want Unreal as well.

I’d love to layer PGC over one another and make an adventure game through a derelict town. from random terrain to random house layouts (imagine this would be laying on pre-made floors to X number of floors).


Really hope you create this one!!! Thanks