Problem with autocompletition in scripts in Editor folder

Hello, I’ve got a problem with that DialogueEditor file can not find Dialogue script. I found out that the reason of that is Editor folder. Code is running normally and everything works good, but visual studio code shows errors. Is there any solution to fix it?

I’ve seen others mention difficulties with Visual Studio Code and Editor code.

The issue is that everything in the Editor folder is actually considered a different project to Visual Studio, and it doesn’t have information about the Assembly-Editor project.

In Unity, try going into Editor | Preferences | External Tools, and under the Visual Studio Code section, you should see a button for “Regenerate Project Files.”

Unfortunately this did not solve my problem. But in visual studio code, I downloaded an older version of c # which probably solved the problem, although I don’t know why.

Thanks for your reply! :smiley:

Unfortunately, as VSC is open source, and the plugins are not under the control of Microsoft or Unity, there isn’t a one size fits all approach to sorting VSC issues, as things seem to change every few months.

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