Pressure Sensitive Input Controller?


Just wondered if anyone has any experience using GIMP with a pressure sensitive input device, e.g. pen tablet.

I have used mine with Windows Ink Workspace and it’s working perfectly, I’ve just tried it with GIMP and I can’t seem to get any free stroke movement, e.g. if I hold it in one place and push gently, eventually I get a little dot filling up with colour, but if I move the pen around, nothing else is drawn.

The tablet is a HUION H610.

I’ve tried using the paintbrush tool in GIMP which has a “Pressure Opacity” setting - looks ok, but not giving me the desired results. It’s actually acting as if the pushing down motion of the ben is acting as a left mouse click, but then moving the pen doesn’t act like moving the mouse.

Would appreciate any suggestions :slight_smile:

Updated Mon Jul 31 2017 14:22


I don’t appear to have that tablet port listed… just the HUION item above it… *sigh*… and down the rabbit hole I go…

having a dig through the forums related to that unit

might be something in there, it is an old thread but might give a starting point to the rabbit hole adventure

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Thanks… workings lovely in Windows Ink Workspace, but it has really limited brushes and colours… I was trying to sketch out a birthday cake idea for my son to give to the cake shop, I got a bit “arty” :smiley:

Whenever something online says “try resintalling the drivers” I begin to think… “hmm, you really don’t know do you” lol

Updated Mon Jul 31 2017 14:46

Thanks for that link Daz… at the very bottom there was a buy mentioning how he went to the HUION website and downloaded drivers, despite receiving some with the device. I had already kicked that off before reading it, just in case, and, as it turns out…

/Rob hangs his head in shame

…the new drivers added about 3 components to the listed input devices, once I had enabled the one which was now called “Sylus” - it works!


Thanks fella :slight_smile:

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hehe, sweet, glad you got it working, and handy note too incase anyone else has the same bit of kit too.

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First one I’ve ever had, wasn’t sure what was best to get or why to be honest. There are a lot of Wacom ones which are talked about highly, but the cost goes up quite steeply if you want a larger drawing area. The Huion ones seem to offer a larger drawing area for the money. I’ve not used it lots yet so I can’t really offer a review, other than it’s kinda doing what I expected.

The next thing I need to source is a more suitable app. One of the scenarios I want to use it in is for sketching out ideas and making notes as I go, so not just for arty stuff. The downside with what I have, Windows Ink Worspace, Fireworks, GIMP, possibly even a copy of Photoshop knocking around, is that they all are going to have predetermined “space”. I basically want an endless canvas in all directions - because I’m greedy :smiley:

I have used iMindMap before, but obviously that’s not really for free hand stuff like I want to do, but the concept of the ever growing idea/thought with, what at least feels like, unlimited “paper” is great. I just want to draw, make some notes, scroll, and keep going. At the moment, it’s for some code architecture… could potentially be for anything.

If you know of any such tools (for Windows) - I am all ears… :slight_smile:

One other note from the Huion, it transpires that I can actually draw as badly now on the computer, as I could previously on paper - I’m not however entirely certain as to whether that creates a positive or negative review of the product :smiley:

Updated Mon Jul 31 2017 18:46

I should probably start using Google more, although if you want to be my Google Butler I’m up for that too :smiley:

Updated Mon Jul 31 2017 19:11

Doesn’t appear to support the Huion - would have been perfected, even the free option! :frowning:

Well ive not seen a proper negative view on this tablet that ive found. and you’ve not ripped it to shreds so thats must be a good thing… soo…

Just bought the same one, the Huion H610 Pro for doing texture painting / sketching etc. in Blender and Gimp, had a couple of amazon vouchers burning a hole… and Amazon are doing it in a sale for £50 , couldnt pass it up at that price, so should get it tomorrow, thats my afternoon setting it up heh

the installation seems to be the main hurdle for this, but shouldnt be too bad (i hope)

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I have found it to be really good, although not used it massively. I hope you manage to get through the installation process, it seemed OK in Windows 10.

I am still in search of a good infinite canvas application, if you happen to come across any :wink:

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from what i can see there are some people using mischief with this tablet, seems to revolve around the pressure sensitivity.

ill find out when i get it, gimme something to get my teeth into sorting and ill be sure to post up any findings :wink:

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I will have to have another look. Inkscape was also another recommended for infinite canvas, but then lacked other features which perhaps MindMapping software would include.

Some I saw looked promising but then disappointed, one for example claimed infinite canvas but it turned out to offer fixed canvas sizes, but as many “pages” ages you wanted… sigh

I basically want to be able to doodle out ideas, draw imagery, write and keep scrolling in any direction with a nice assortment of brushes, tools and colors…

…oh, and I’d like the moon on a stick :smiley:

Any other info appreciated as and when you can :slight_smile:

just got the tablet installed, didnt use the disk directly downloaded from Huion site.
so installed this version WIN_1060pro_H610pro_H610_Driver12.3.7.

changed my left handed setting. havent changed anything else so far.
tested in Mischief free, and the pressure sensitivity seems to be working-ish, not that much of a range, but ill have a tweak and see. only had it 15 minutes, so early days :slight_smile:

but wow, wasnt expecting it to be that big, really surprised and pleased so far

[screenshot from mischief free]

Great news!

Now I can’t remember what it was about Mischief I didn’t like. It might have been the limited pressure sesnitivty or maybe I didn’t get any pressure sensitivity, I tried so many different ones its hard to recall now. Windows 10 has that Ink program which was good, but it had limited colors.

Its a great size isn’t it, that was the deciding factor for me, in comparison the Wacom one I was looking at would have been tiny!

The little pen stand and spare nibs/tool is a nice touch also.

There was a free course on Udemy called “How to draw a kitten”, I gave that a go to try it out… I concluded that I could now draw as badly on the computer as I could on paper :smiley:

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yeah, its not going to help me in that either lol

ill keep tinkering to see what settings need to change to get a decent level of sensitivity.

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Ironically the kitten course was quite good, and short which was nice.

I will have to get my tablet back out and give it another whirl. The writing out of good ideas and thoughts will serve as fabulous procrastination from actually doing anything :smiley:

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