Who's Using A Graphics Tablet?

Hi Folks, I’ve just signed up to this course as well as the Unreal course.

I’m just wondering how many of you use a graphics tablet for this or these courses and if I should invest in one? Also what models are you all using?


Hello Kris, welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

I have one, but I’ve not tried it with Blender yet, the details for it can be found here;

I know @OboShape has purchased the same model and used it with Blender and I believe had successful results.

yea, its the same one the Huion H610 Pro, got it for £50 quid on Amazon. but there are many others on the market and it can seem a bit of a minefield.

I do use it for other things aside from Blender too, so if you do a bit of sketching too, its really handy for that.

Hi Kris, and welcome aboard, and to blender :slight_smile:

Whilst a tablet is definitely a nice addition its not a requirement for any section of the course. and only got one for myself a good while after completing the Blender course.

I personally fancied one for trying to learn to texture a bit better and for drawing in general, but found myself enjoying blenders sculpting and painting features.

Whilst everything is perfectly achievable with a mouse, the sculpting and painting side of things, just feels more natural and fluid IMO with the pen and tablet, and for myself personally I found i really enjoy sculping now, still have alot to learn, but im enjoying it.

for other things like mesh modelling and moving things around the screen, the mouse is still, again IMO, the best and more precise way, but the tablet has its uses and for them it does come in handy.

But, I would probably suggest holding back on getting one just for a litle while, best thing would be to start working through the course and see how you feel, you will get a better idea as you progress and become more comfortable with blender and then decide…


I’ve recently been ramping up my Blender skills and am sold on the benefits of using a drawing tablet.
I have a little XP-Pen Star g640 graphics tablet . I love it for sculpting and texture painting. Vertex modeling I still prefer to do with a mouse.

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