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As I was following along with this lecture, you came to a place where you “folded” the lines of the script. You then quickly showed (on the MAC) where and how to set that up in Preferences. Now, I know that this particular function is enabled (on my pc version as well as you MAC version) but if I wanted to go to preferences in Visual Studio, how would I do it?

I guess I need to also ask if I am coding in the right C# program. I am using Microsoft Visual Studio. That is what comes up when I double click on a .cs asset in Unity.

Thanks and I am enjoying taxing my mental powers. :slight_smile:


Hi Richard,

I’m not exactly sure what you mean but if you are looking for something to collapse code blocks, hover your mouse on the left side next to the line. A + should appear on the vertical area next to the line numbers.

No, I can fold the code (collapse it) in Visual Studio. I am just asking in general about where the Preferences are found in the menu system in Visual Studio. Rick is demonstrating how to set up the Preferences on a MAC in the Lecture and makes a vague statement about finding Preferences in Windows much the same way and what he did is not available (on my windows 10 platform anyway). So, I just want to know how I get the Menu item for Preferences. I checked the entire menu tree at the top of the screen in Visual Studio and could not find Preferences. I know it must be there because all file systems in programs have a Preferences Menu.

If it helps, this particular situation is being discussed in this lecture near the end of the lecture at 6’19" on the lecture video.


Oh, I see. Unfortunately, I don’t use Win 10, so I don’t know if you see the same as I. This is how VS 2019 looks on Win 8:


Thanks :slight_smile:
At least I know that there is no “Preference” menu item and it is called “Options” instead.

You’re welcome. Generally, in most programs, it’s either “preferences” or “options”. If you cannot find the former, look for the latter, and vice versa. :slight_smile:

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