Post Apocalyptic Scene (Making asset for game)

This is few pieces of modular interior for my Game Rendered

Im currently working on these

if you like to know more or wanna help me with the game just let me know :wink:

this is just preview of gameplay (currently working on inventory etc)


I intend to start building for games. Just let me build up a couple more skills…

:wink: sure im still working on my skills as well … if you have no idea what to model next just tell me. My mind is full of ideas. From simple stuff to glorious abdoned places … but there’s no rush … so let hop into blender and have fun :smile:

Ha Ha. yes. I’m getting addicted to Blender… and Udemy.

These are awesome! I’m trying to make a post apocalyptic indie type game as well and that’s the whole reason I purchased Udemy ha ha

I learn so much from these courses … i must admit is’t pretty addictive…

so as motivation look what i’ve done for today … textured this piece of modular stuff :expressionless:

Keep going guys …


Looks awesome! I just finished section 1 and made a silver sword based off the witcher games!


Nicee … i love witcher games… books … soo please continu witht good modeling and I looking forward for Yenfer model from you :slight_smile:

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Hey, that’s excellent. Easily hold it’s own in a commercial release.


Making new char for game… bad ass sherif, too bring some nostalgic atmosphere… bang bang …

And some new ememies like gigant rat or like i call it after hop out of blender the Catrat…

Also add some improvements to player controler and animator… blending animations in game play… runing and shooting at same time… what colud posible go wrong… you better dont wanna know…


just a small update my modular interior in work… how about you guys?
looking for someone to cooperate with :smiley:




Still working on :wink:

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A lot of work has been done :+1:
I was recently suggested how to draw normals : you create a layer in a painter, in it you leave only the height channel, draw the details on it with alphas, export the normal and load it new again into the project
Small details, which do not affect the silhouette, will save a bunch of polygons, for example:
and also paint with a brush in a different color, change the roughness, etc.

There’s a lot of unnecessary details on this protoype… it’s high poly model …

i can create low poly version very easy, just export without details… High poly model are used in substance painter to generate normals map, heigh map, etc…

But in this phase i dont really have to do it. My level is not so big and working well in unity…

So performance is not an issue … but don’t worry there’s quite a process about optimalization when making final export for Unity… that’s why i’m 1 year late and still working on third prototype of same level :smile: and there’s still so much to learn and play with… :wink:

here are some of my new pics …




a lot of work done, love it)

:sweat_smile: another “wasted weekend”… still under construction…



nice job! you a fallout fan like me? lol

Thanks! Fallout Games are my favorites. Specialy old ones 1 & 2. … my project is inspired by them …

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What do you think of game atmosphere in this ealry stage ?.. just testing how its go together…

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