Please tell me I am wrong! UE 5.1

So I added a floating pawn actor as a component. Along with a box collider that I added via c++. With these two things and playing around with the values until I liked the feel, they seem to replace all this. I made the Box collider my parent. Adding in the floating pawn movement give you options for max speed, acceleration, deceleration and velocity change value which they label as turning boost(which also applies to forward and backwars change). So Effectively the last two lectors I think have now been updated in UE 5.1 as just a floating pawn movement, and box collision. Setting the turning boost to 1(default 8) makes it “carlike”. Is there any problems with using floating pawn instead of trying to code the movemnt like this? The only reason I needed the floating pawn was to be able to set the default IMC to the one I set up.

I usually say to people, stick with the course as much as possible. I’ve seen projects utilising flight instead of driving and other such examples - this actually limits the support we can provide here.

My suggestion is get the project working as shown in the course then move on to try your own stuff - side by side even.

I hope this helps.

This was really helpful and pointed me in a direction that really simplified it for me. I am using the IMC but I was wrong and didnt need the floating pawn. All I had to do was take the movement value coming from the action binding and just set the y as throttle and x as steeringthrow(which I set up the IMC as wasd and the input action as a 2d axis). So w/s then gets translated to throttle and a/d is translated to steering throw. Side not need to add down and released triggers or else the kart will continue on indenfinitely. I am guessing there might be an action mapping to braking down the line so for now it works as intended.

void AGoKart::Move(const FInputActionValue &Value)


FVector2D MovementVector = Value.Get<FVector2D>();

if (Controller != nullptr)


    Throttle = MovementVector.Y;

    SteeringThrow = MovementVector.X;



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