Player teleports to scene position


So my player does spawn at the spawn point position, but then immediately teleports to the position that I placed them in the scene.

Spawn point position is x:-21 y:0 z:10
Player scene position is x:-17 y:0 z:30

Even when pausing, moving the player to the spawn point position, then unpausing the player will still teleport back to the scene position.

Forgot to say I am using the 3rd person character controller from the 3rd person traversal course.

The Fix:
Very similar to the NavMeshAgent, you have to turn off the character controller move the player then turn the character controller back on.

Yes, both the NavMeshAgent and CharacterController are picky about simply setting the transform.position.
With NavMeshAgent, in later versions, you can use NavMeshAgent.Warp(Vector3), but this won’t work for the CharacterController component.

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