Player falling!

I’m having problems on my game. I decided to create a complete level design and suddenly after that the player looks falling forever.


Hi Ricardo,

There’s not really a lot in those screenshots that’s useful.

The falling you describe is likely to be caused by missing colliders or misconfigured Rigidbody/Colliders. It is also possible, depending on the speed at which your GameObject is moving that any colliders you have in place are missing the collision, often setting the Collision Dection mode to Continuous on the Rigidbody2D component would resolve that, if it were the case.

Hi Rob.

Thank you for the ansewer. I figured out your answer and compared my character with the one you did in the course. I decided delete my prefab and start again from the scratch. The problem continued until I figured out there was two problems. First, my gravity was set to -9.81 instead of -100. For some reason I changed the gravity and it kept this value. Second, something was wrong with my rigid body (as you mentioned) and it was avoiding the touch with the ground.
Now, everything running smooth. :slight_smile: Thank you again for the answer.


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Glad you have resolved the problem Ricardo and can move forward again with the course :slight_smile:

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